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When a Pro-Choicer Becomes Pro-Life

This is just a quick post and I know it’s an old story, but I love to read and share the stories of abortion workers who turn pro-life. I think it’s just so powerful to see someone who used to support and help with the performance of abortions to realize the error of their ways and change their views. I also think they’re valuable to read for two reasons. One, it helps us learn more about the real mentality of pro-choicers and of Planned Parenthood workers and etc. And two, because it can often provide insights about what techniques do and do not work in changing people’s hearts to be pro-life. So here’s a story for you to read about a former abortion worker who turned pro-life. Leave me your thoughts on it!

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Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade

I told you all I was still going to write about my politics some of the time, because it is still something I very much enjoy, so here’s another post for you.

I want to talk about Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade. Why? Because I think one of the most powerful testimonies out there against abortion are those who have had an abortion and are now pro-life. Because if you’ve ever met one of them personally, the hurt and pain and sorrow you see there are so great. And because these are people who have thought that abortion would make their lives better, that it would fix their problems. Instead, it didn’t. It left them hurting and their child dead.

But back to the point of Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade. Do you know that she never actually had an abortion? That she is now pro-life and speaking against the decision that was made on her behalf? Doesn’t it make you think that the original person who wanted an abortion so badly that she was willing to try and get the law changed is now pro-life? What does that say? To me, it sends a powerful message that abortion isn’t right.

I have to show you her video, where she talks about how making that case was the biggest mistake of her life. She actually calls it that. It’s pretty amazing, I think, that her heart was so changed. What if we could change everyone’s heart this way?

There is so much more to the story though, other than just that short snippet. But the next video I’m going to post, which is old, but it’s worth it if you take the time to watch it, is more of the story fleshed out. It’s almost half an hour long, so I totally get it if you don’t have time to watch it. But if you’re interested in hearing more of Norma’s story, it’s a fascinating thing to watch. There is a little bit of decision theology, to warn you, but it’s still a fascinating thing to watch.

So now you know, if you watched the second one, the full story of how Roe v. Wade happened. Sad isn’t it? I feel like Norma was taken advantage of – that she wasn’t given all the facts, that they just used her to make their point. I feel a lot of times that what’s the abortion industry stil does today, especially in terms of women not being given all the facts.

That’s all I want to say on Roe v. Wade at this time, though I do have to talk about one other thing. I found this video while I was looking on youtube for these other two and it was just bizarre. I’m not going to link to it, because I don’t want to promote her further. But it was this girl talking about how she had her abortion and it was the best thing and she was just so happy and cheery about it. And what really got to me was when she said it was “the most ethical and humane thing” she could have done. She never said her reasons for having an abortion, but I got the sense from how she answered some of the questions that she had it because it was inconvenient for her to be pregnant (when she’s asked at the end if she would have another one, she says she doesn’t know but that she would probably consider it because it doesn’t line up with her goals). It broke my heart. That’s what choice looks like apparently. Babies are such blessings, even when they’re unexpected, even when they don’t line up with your goals for you life. They don’t deserve abortion. And women deserve real solutions to their problems, not abortion.

Sorry to end Friday on a low note. If you could take a moment if you haven’t already to vote in the poll? I’ll be announcing my new name and changing everything tomorrow, so it’s your last chance to get it in!

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Forced Abortions

I wish I could say that sex selection abortions didn’t happen. I really wish I could. Because most of the time, when an abortion is the choice to be made, it’s because the baby is a girl. It happens in places like India and China. Especially  China, where population police control the number of children you are allowed to have. Why is the rest of the world so slow to say something about it? It is girls that are being effected, more than anything, because of the high cultural preference for a boy.

I can not imagine what these mothers go through, how terrified they must be, knowing that if they get pregnant again or even if they get pregnant the first time and it’s a girl, someone might force them to have an abortion or pay an amount of money they can’t afford just to keep the child.

This is a truly sad situation that needs to be stopped. Girls are dying merely because they are girls. Watch this video about one mother in China and her daughters.

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Abortion Clinics Cover Up Statutory Rape

I know I have linked to and talked about this in the past, about how abortion clinics are willing to cover up statutory rape and even linked to a blog post with this video before, but I thought I would link to it again, because this time, along with the video, it has full audio and written transcripts from all of the Planned Parenthood clinics called in Illinois, all of which covered it up. I thought some of you would be interested in these. Hope you find them eye-opening.

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Maternal Mortality in the US

I read this really interesting article on how Maternal Mortality in the US is a human rights failure and I agree, it is a human rights failure. They even point to some parts that I think contribute to it – including an overuse of inductions and an overuse of c-sections. However, they fail to touch on another thing I think contributes – abortion. They talk a little bit about certain complications, like placenta previa, which they list as a common cause of death among pregnant women, but fail to mention that the risk of placenta previa is 50 percent higher after an abortion. So while they fail to mention these facts, I think there is a lot of truth in this article and you can check it out here.

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Why I Support Finding a Cure for Breast Cancer, but Not Susan G. Komen

Susan G. Komen. When most people hear this name, they instantly conjure up images in their head of pink ribbons and breast cancer awareness. And while I think that breast cancer is a huge problem among women, I will not support Susan G. Komen until they clear up their ties with Planned Parenthood. Not only that, but one of their other problems is pink washing, which I’ll talk about a little farther down. And they go after other charities.

Planned Parenthood

Susan G. Komen gives money to Planned Parenthood to provide mammograms.

Why am I so against this? Well, for one, Planned Parenthood performs abortions. And they don’t, on a whole, provide that much for women in the way of breast cancer. First of all, most Planned Parenthoods are only licensed for Level 1 screenings, nothing more advanced than that. Additionally, in 2008 the number of breast cancer related visits to Planned Parenthood went down while the number of abortions went up. And yet they still received $731,000 from Susan G. Komen for breast cancer screenings, even though they did less that year than in previous years. In fact in total for the 5 year period from 2004-2009, Planned Parenthood received $3.3 million from Susan G. Komen.

Looking at what they provide for breast cancer, I will take a look at Milwaukee and what they offer here, since it is my city. The way Planned Parenthood structures their website, breast health falls under Women’s Health Services. Some clinics do not offer women’s health services at all (Capitol Drive Health Center and Milwaukee- Jackson Center). Still others only are able to provide breast exams (which I was always taught and have several booklets that show me how to do my own at home) and mammogram referrals (which couldn’t any doctor, like your regular doctor, give you? Though I might be mistaken). Those ones are Milwaukee-NorthwestMilwaukee- Wisconsin Avenue, Mitchell Street Health Center, and Milwaukee- Lincoln Plaza Health Center. Technically, the last one is in West Allis, but I included it because it has Milwaukee in it’s name. But not a single one of these six Milwaukee clinics actually does mammograms. You will find Komen’s response to this below.

And, you would think, that Susan G Komen would be aware of the fact that breast cancer has been linked to abortion. I will do my best to explain why this is, but I am not a doctor and I’ll link to all my sources, so you can read where I’m getting my info from. Additionally, I’ve linked to videos directly below this paragraph that are some of the researchers who have researched this talking about it if you want to skip to those and watch them explain it directly in their own words. There are two ways it raises the risk – one has been widely accepted, while the other one is more disputed. The accepted one is an indirect risk – in the fact that when you have a full term pregnancy you develop a majority of Type 4 breast tissue, which is the most cancer resistant. Until you have children, you have Types I and II where most breast cancers are found. Putting off having kids allows you to have cancerous tissue for longer. This is argued as an indirect link to breast cancer, since when you have an abortion, you are putting off having kids. The second risk, the disputed one, is more directly connected. Some researchers have found that you actually have more cancerous breast tissue after an abortion. The argument goes like this. When you get pregnant, your breast tissues grow because of estrogen (this is a fact). When you are pregnant and carry the pregnancy to term, the other hormones balance it out and change it to that cancer resistant type noted above. Of 72 studies conducted, 80 percent found this second risk separate from the first risk. One of these studies found that looking at a group of women who had been pregnant at least one time, that those who had been pregnant and had abortions had a rate of breast cancer that was 50% higher. Experts also estimate that 1 out of 100 women will die of breast cancer connected to a previous abortion. These risks are increased in girls under 18 and women over 29 at the time of the abortion and those women with breast cancer in their family’s background. There are some studies that refute these facts, but as Janet Orient, MD of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons has said, “If you look at the number of studies that show a connection, they vastly outnumber the ones that don’t, and the ones that don’t have been criticized for serious methodological flaws.” In fact, a major scientist from National Cancer Institute who had first tried to deny the link, later published that there was a link, which of course the National Cancer Institute tried to cover up. (National Cancer Institute has also been approached by one scientist and five different doctors at different occasions about the fact that they deny this, but they have never done anything about it.) Some research by pro-choice people has even found the connection, though they try and dispute their own studies. It always makes me wonder, if you are going to tear down your own study, why not do it better? Most of the major cancer bodies deny this connection sadly, I think because of the backlash it would cause them if they said abortion was linked to breast cancer. Indeed, people have refused to speak on it, even though they recognize the connection, because it is considered too political. There are many doctors who feel that women who want to have abortions should be told for this, but yet very few women actually are. I think that they should be told – informed consent is important to me. Even if it is disputed, wouldn’t it be better to know and say there is some evidence, give the woman the full facts so that they’re making an informed decision. I would feel that people for and against abortion should be for this. I’m against abortion, I will be straight in my bias. But even if I was for abortion, I would want women to know because it is a serious thing that should not be taken lightly.

This video might explain it better – this doctor has done research on it. He holds a PhD and taught for over 20 years. He had published well respected research.

There is a drawn nude breast in this for your information.

“I have three sisters with breast cancer, and I resent people messing with scientific data to further their own agenda, be they pro-choice or pro-life. I would have loved to have found no association between breast cancer and abortion, but our resealch is rock solid, and our data is accurate. It’s not a matter of believing; it’s a matter of what is.” — Dr. Janet Daling of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (a pro-choice researcher)

In fact, there are even people who have worked for Susan G. Komen who left after learning of their connections to Planned Parenthood. One was Eve Sanchez-Silver (Susan G. Komen Foundation National Hispanic/Latina Advisory Council member). At that time, she stated, “As a Christian and life affirming citizen I can not reconcile the Foundation’s decision to affirm life with one hand and support its destruction with the other.”

This is Komen’s response:

In addition to education, women served at Planned Parenthood may receive a clinical breast exam, and when further screening is needed, a referral to either a state program or a private mammogram provider. In the latter case, the mammogram may be paid for by the Komen-Planned Parenthood grant. It is important to note that Komen only gives grants to nonprofit organizations, and many mammography providers are for-profit.

Affiliate funding to Planned Parenthood is reviewed twice-yearly to ensure that it is being used only for breast health services. If reviews showed the funds being used for any other purpose, the funds would be withdrawn.

I just have a couple of questions. First of all, why give it to a middle man? I understand that many mammography providers are for-profit so they don’t give to them, but does it really make sense to give it to someone else in the event that it “may be” paid for by the Komen-Planned Parenthood grant? Are you telling me there are no other organizations out there that do this? There must be, since Planned Parenthood is not the only organization receiving their funding. Second of all, what do these reviews look like? How do they show it is only being used for breast health services? I would like to see these reviews and the breakdown of the funding. I would like some transparency here. Additionally, Susan G. Komen lists the birth control pill as increasing the risk of breast cancer on their own website and still gives money to Planned Parenthood. Even if they deny the abortion connection, they admit this connection and yet still give money to an organization that supplies the birth control pill. Additionally the point has been made, what about all of the women who purposefully and specifically will not go into Planned Parenthood’s because of their bad reputation and abortion business. Why not give them to a place where all women feel comfortable going? This is an argument that I completely agree with.


Second, they are involved in pink washing. I will point to their campaign “Buckets for the Cure” with KFC. It made a lot of money for Komen, but many say promoting fatty foods it’s unethical. Does Fried Chicken directly cause breast cancer? No but the argument is “There is definitely a link between being overweight and breast cancer and eating fast food typically contributes to being overweight so I would say it’s a mixed message.” – Walter Willett, professor at Harvard School of Public Health They also claim that it helped reach hundreds of thousands of people with breast cancer information. I don’t know what buying a pink bucket teaches you about breast cancer OR how many people in this day and age are honestly not aware of breast cancer. I feel it’s one of the cancers that is most talked about. Certainly more than Pancreatic Cancer and Ovarian Cancer and Oral Cancer are, to name a few others. And the stats are a little less than one in eight, so chances are pretty good that most people even know someone or of someone. I highly doubt this American population is that unaware of breast cancer. I even read a cancer survivor outraged at this. Also, a representative from Komen claimed that people reading the lids would be more aware and motivated to get a mammogram, even though she also said that the lids say nothing about breast cancer and only direct them to a website. It begs the question, a) how many people do you think actually went to the website? and b) what about the people who don’t have internet? Supposedly, the website was also directed more towards fundraising and making money than prevention, though I was not able to verify this as the link no longer works.

In terms of other pink washing things, they also sold a perfume to raise money for their foundation that contained known carcinogens.

“For the Cure” Attacks

Third, they often go after other charities for using the phrase “for the cure” and “for a cure” since they have trademarked these. To be honest, it is such a generic phrase and I’m sure there are many groups working towards a cure for many things. Uniting Against Lung Cancer, for example, got a letter because of their events “Kites for the Cure.” Other events that have come under fire from other charities are things like “Surfing for a Cure,” “Cupcakes for a Cure,” “Par for the Cure,” and “Mush for the Cure.” They have gone after over a hundred charities for this phrase. And it came out that they spend almost a million dollars every year going after groups that use these phrases. I could think of a million things better to do with that million dollars than attacking other charities. Their reasoning behind this is that people will be confused. To me honest, if somebody says “for the cure” do you instantly think Susan G. Komen? I don’t. And I’m sure that people who donate to Susan G. Komen don’t think they are using these funds to go after other charities.


Given all this, I think it’s totally unethical that Susan G. Komen donates to Planned Parenthood, pink washes, and is out to get other charities. And I didn’t even touch on their support of embryonic stem cell research or the fact that they don’t market/promote breastfeeding, something that lowers your breast cancer risk. I would encourage you as well not to support Susan G. Komen.

I know that posting this will not make me popular and may lose me readers and followers, but I am trying to uphold what’s best for women and they deserve better.

More information:



The Myth of Overpopulation

So, something that I often hear is that the world is overpopulated and we need population control. This is the reason that we need abortion and contraceptive, people claim. I even heard this at the UN HLM on Youth. It’s really frustrating because I know that pushing that story actually hurts the world. I have known for a long time that many developing countries are below replacement rate. Just a few weeks ago, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel even ran an article saying that the percentage of children in the US is the lowest it’s ever been and that 1 in 4 of those children are the children of immigrants. This is a very real problem that needs to be addressed.

So when I ran across this video series about overpopulation, I fell in love with it. It uses real facts and backs all of that up on their website with sources. Plus, it says it in a way that’s very concrete and easy to understand, with pretty fun animations. Here are videos 1-4 in the series. I’m not sure if they plan to make more or not, but I would love it if they did.

Overpopulation: The Making of the Myth – this video shows how the whole myth of overpopulation began.

2:1 Kids: A Stable Population – this video shows what makes a stable population and why it makes a stable population.

Food: There’s Lots of It – this video disputes the claim that there is not enough food to go around to everyone and that is why we need population control

Poverty: Where We All Started – this video explains where poverty comes from and how more population doesn’t make more poverty

They also list all their science and their sources. Check it out below:

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The Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Agenda

About a week ago this time, I was in New York City. It was my first time ever in the Big Apple. And what was I doing? Living my dream of being at the United Nations (UN). Not only being there, but participating as a youth representative for National Right to Life for the UN High Level Meeting (HLM) on Youth. And while I loved being there and the experience was really great, at the same time, I came away feeling frustrated and discouraged. Why, you ask? Mainly because of organizations like International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and their extreme Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (hereafter referred to as SRHR as their own abbreviation) agenda.

If you had asked me, I’d have to be honest. I have probably always known that IPPF and other organizations don’t just allow abortion, they encourage it. But, I had no idea it was so bad, to tell you the truth. I almost titled this post – Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights: The Bad and the Ugly, but I changed my mind at the last minute. But to me, it was truly sad and disheartening to witness how taken in by this idea (and in my opinion, lie) that some people are.

These are some of the things that I heard and that some people said and my comments in parantheses.

  • “Abstinence leads to greater infections of HIV and AIDS.” (This is one I really don’t understand. Back in the day, people could get it from blood transfusions, but now that we can and do test for it, one of the main ways to get it is to have unprotected sex or to share needles for drugs. And I don’t think there’s any correlation like ‘People who abstain are more likely to do drugs.’ Abstinence is the best way to prevent HIV.)
  • After having stated that the purpose of Y-PEER (an arm of IPPF) is to “empower youth to make their own health choices” I asked “Isn’t it our responsibility to protect youth sometimes? I mean, we don’t let them smoke, we discourage them from doing drugs, we don’t let them drink alcohol. Isn’t it our responsibility to protect youth from certain health choices?” To which the answer was (one sentence) “As a progressive education organization, we don’t believe in telling youth what to do and what not to do.” (This to me is really scary – it sounds like they would let young people do anything as long as young people were educated to me. Say I had a ten year old and my ten year old wanted to do drugs and he had been educated about what they did and how they work. By their own reasoning, my ten year old should be allowed to do drugs. That kind of reasoning is such a slippery slope.)
  • “Abstinence is impossible!” (To which I say false. I know for a fact that I am not the only person who was abstinent until marriage. And if I did it, clearly it’s not impossible. I am far from superhuman, trust me.)
  • “When the sexual and reproductive health rights of youth are upheld, they have greater access to education.” (This seems all backwards to me. How does knowing how to have safe sex teach you how to read? Someone explain please.)
  • “There is a huge problem in my country that people think children are a blessing from God so they keep having more of them.”  (First of all, children ARE a blessing from God. Second of all, if you are all about choices, how can you tell people that they are having too many children?)
  • One speaker implied that women who marry young are uneducated. (This really upset me because I married at 20 and I am almost finished with my Bachelor’s degree – early at that – and considering getting my Master’s. Even if I don’t get my Master’s, it would be because I have never felt strongly about getting a Master’s degree and I have other goals and dreams, not because I got married.)
  • After hearing a man talk about how it was time to listen to the young people all evening long, afterwards I approached him and the following exchange took place (I think it speaks for itself).
    “You keep saying you want to listen to the young people, but the truth is, you don’t want to listen to the young people who disagree with you.”
    “Well when all the choices are available, if you disagree, you don’t have to make that choice.”
    “But we know some things are bad for people, that’s why we try not to let people make those choices, like we make some drugs illegal.”
    “It’s just that our society was founded on the basis of freedom.”
    “But we restrict some freedoms for the protection of other people, like if I wanted to murder you, I couldn’t do that, because there are laws limiting my freedom for your protection.”
    “That may be so.”

We also saw blatant attempts to censor us. In their earlier events, they took questions from the audience. After getting many, many pro-life questions that they fumbled through the answers on, in their last event, they only took written questions so they could pick and choose which ones to ask. There were many questions we submitted that were never asked or answered.

They are trying to put all of this in under Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 5 which is on improving maternal health. However, when you listen to them and see their publications, it’s pretty clear that they don’t want to improve maternal health, they just want guaranteed access to contraception and abortion for everyone.

But abortion and contraception are not the answer to solving maternal health. Contraception doesn’t fix maternal health because it allows people to have more sex, thus increasing their risk of becoming pregnant, since no contraception works 100 percent. The reasons for that are two fold. First because abortions  actually hurt maternal health and second because it doesn’t address some of the real causes of maternal mortality.

There is a LOT of evidence to support these two points (By the way, don’t feel like you need to read them all – just a sampling will give you an idea of what is out there. I include them in case you are like ” I can’t get enough of this” as I sometime am) .

There are other ways to end the problem of maternal mortality. More hospitals, that are sterile and clean. Educating women about proper prenatal care. Having more trained doctors and midwives. Having the supplies and drugs on hand that are needed. Basically, providing women with the adequate care. Because women are dying from things we know how to treat and prevent. So we should channel our energy and funds into treating and preventing, not into abortion.

It’s my hope that after reading this, you’ve learned a little bit about why increasing access to abortion does nothing to reduce maternal mortality. I think the agenda they’re pushing – sex for anyone, with anyone, any time you want and if an oops happens then you should get an abortion, is healthy, normal, or good for society.

Further more, here are some links to read by others who were there or who reported on it. I’ll star the ones that talk about one or more events that I witnessed or pamphlets that I have seen and in some cases have in my possession and will be going over with a fine tooth comb to blog about when I get a chance that I can back up and say, yes, that really did happen.

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Abortion as a Coverup

I think this one is hard for me to write, because I’d like to believe it doesn’t happen. I’d like to think that no one takes advantage of little girls. I’d like to think that childhood is still considered special. I’d like to think that someday if I have kids and happen to have little girls, that I could trust people around me to remember that they are little girls and not women.

But the abortion industry is not someone to be trusted about it. They have a history of covering up statutory rape, which is where someone 18 or older has sex with someone 17 or younger. An undercover sting found that about 91 percent of abortion clinics will try and cover this up, even though in every state, they’re considered mandatory reporters and have to report even suspected abuse.

I wish that the pro-choice side would admit that they are not looking out for women. Because helping the abusers of women (little girls) get away with it, is not pro-woman. It’s harmful. Clearly, most people feel that statutory rape is wrong or states wouldn’t have these laws on the books. The scenario they posited was a 13 year old with a 22 year old. That’s almost a 10 year age difference and most people at 13 are still in 8th grade. If someone would like to challenge me and say that there’s a good reason that they shouldn’t be reporting that to the authorities, let me know, because I can’t think of a single one. It’s wrong. The abortion clinics through this are allowing young girls to be victimized.

I’m going to link to another blog post on this one because it has two videos that I want you to watch. To me, the first one is the most important to watch, though they are both important to watch. The first one shows news coverage on it, where they both play parts of these tapes and also try and get answers from the clinics in them as well as play them for lawmakers (pro-life and pro-choice) who are appalled that this sort of practices goes on. I know these are a bit old, but recent news has shown us that this is still going on.

Abortion Clinics Willing to Cover Up Child Rape

Original post I wrote on the matter: Abortion is bad for women.

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Abortion: One Woman’s Story

I think that in accordance with what I posted previously, about how abortion is not a woman’s right, I want to share the stories of some of those women who it has hurt. So from time to time, I’ll be posting stories to share with you, probably usually from other blogs.

Here’s the first one for you, from the blog Stand for Life.

The Muriel Ramos Story: God’s Grace Brought Me Back From the Pits of Hell

I hope you learn something from it.

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