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Women in History: Genevieve Cline

on August 14, 2011


  • was the first women federal judge.
  • served as a judge on the United States Customs Court.
  • was a chair for the Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs committee on Legislative and State Institutions.
  • advocated both for women’s issues (more equal treatment under law and suffrage) and consumer protection.
  • was the  Cleveland Federation of Women’s Clubs’ president.
  • was the Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs’ chairman.
  • was the first woman in charge of appraising goods for U.S. Customs Service.
  • lobbied in Columbus and in the nation’s capitol.

Others said

  • that she was a “brilliant and forceful speaker.” (Magazine article about her)

She said

  • “The law is a jealous mistress. It needs one’s whole allegiance.”
  •  “There is no gender in the law. No one ever says ‘man lawyer’ so why say ‘woman lawyer’?”

Books (Note, haven’t read them, just found them):

As you can see, I couldn’t find a lot out there on her, but I think she’s an important figure for being the first woman federal judge. Women like her paved the way for female Supreme Court Justices and other women in positions of power in the judicial system.


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