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The Myth of Overpopulation

on August 3, 2011

So, something that I often hear is that the world is overpopulated and we need population control. This is the reason that we need abortion and contraceptive, people claim. I even heard this at the UN HLM on Youth. It’s really frustrating because I know that pushing that story actually hurts the world. I have known for a long time that many developing countries are below replacement rate. Just a few weeks ago, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel even ran an article saying that the percentage of children in the US is the lowest it’s ever been and that 1 in 4 of those children are the children of immigrants. This is a very real problem that needs to be addressed.

So when I ran across this video series about overpopulation, I fell in love with it. It uses real facts and backs all of that up on their website with sources. Plus, it says it in a way that’s very concrete and easy to understand, with pretty fun animations. Here are videos 1-4 in the series. I’m not sure if they plan to make more or not, but I would love it if they did.

Overpopulation: The Making of the Myth – this video shows how the whole myth of overpopulation began.

2:1 Kids: A Stable Population – this video shows what makes a stable population and why it makes a stable population.

Food: There’s Lots of It – this video disputes the claim that there is not enough food to go around to everyone and that is why we need population control

Poverty: Where We All Started – this video explains where poverty comes from and how more population doesn’t make more poverty

They also list all their science and their sources. Check it out below:

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