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Abortion as a Coverup

I think this one is hard for me to write, because I’d like to believe it doesn’t happen. I’d like to think that no one takes advantage of little girls. I’d like to think that childhood is still considered special. I’d like to think that someday if I have kids and happen to have little girls, that I could trust people around me to remember that they are little girls and not women.

But the abortion industry is not someone to be trusted about it. They have a history of covering up statutory rape, which is where someone 18 or older has sex with someone 17 or younger. An undercover sting found that about 91 percent of abortion clinics will try and cover this up, even though in every state, they’re considered mandatory reporters and have to report even suspected abuse.

I wish that the pro-choice side would admit that they are not looking out for women. Because helping the abusers of women (little girls) get away with it, is not pro-woman. It’s harmful. Clearly, most people feel that statutory rape is wrong or states wouldn’t have these laws on the books. The scenario they posited was a 13 year old with a 22 year old. That’s almost a 10 year age difference and most people at 13 are still in 8th grade. If someone would like to challenge me and say that there’s a good reason that they shouldn’t be reporting that to the authorities, let me know, because I can’t think of a single one. It’s wrong. The abortion clinics through this are allowing young girls to be victimized.

I’m going to link to another blog post on this one because it has two videos that I want you to watch. To me, the first one is the most important to watch, though they are both important to watch. The first one shows news coverage on it, where they both play parts of these tapes and also try and get answers from the clinics in them as well as play them for lawmakers (pro-life and pro-choice) who are appalled that this sort of practices goes on. I know these are a bit old, but recent news has shown us that this is still going on.

Abortion Clinics Willing to Cover Up Child Rape

Original post I wrote on the matter: Abortion is bad for women.

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15 Year Old Girl Goes to MIT

I think that in order to promote the rights of women, it is important to also celebrate their achievements.

That’s why I’d like to bring to your attention Jennifer Tilton, who at 15 will be starting at MIT in the fall. I think starting at MIT for anyone so young is an accomplishment, but it makes it especially an accomplishment that she is a woman. Because men have traditionally dominated the science and math fields, Jennifer’s accomplishment is to be even more celebrated. This girl is so incredibly gifted, her SAT scores in math and physics were perfect. Not exceptional. Perfect. I think that it will only go up from here. I think that Jennifer will go on to do great things.

A round of applause Jennifer – can’t wait to see what is going to be next for you after MIT.

Source: Suncoast’s super student, 15, already heading to MIT


Faking a Pregnancy

So I don’t know if you heard about this Washington straight A Hispanic high school student (Gaby Rodriguez) faked a pregnancy for six and a half months as a senior project. Only one of her siblings, her principal, her boyfriend, and her mom knew.

There are obviously a lot of pros and cons to this. Pros, I think she is raising awareness about how people judge you as soon as you make a big mistake, especially such a public one like getting pregnant in high school. One of my good friends got pregnant in high school and it was very tough for her.

Some argue however, that teen pregnancy is glamorized by shows such as Teen Mom and the Secret Life of the American Teenager (Source). To which I say true. But, just because something is glamorized on tv doesn’t mean it is going to make it any easier to be one in real life. Because people have emotions and people are sinful. It’s as easy at that. I believe that she did face that kind of negative backlash because it is a tough situation. And for the most part, people still think it is a life ruiner.

Cons however would be that even though she raised awareness and heard some nasty things, she knew there was an end coming. She will get to experience graduation and prom as a normal teenager. When you get pregnant in high school, there is no easy way out. Not saying telling a whole school that you lied to them is easy, but I certainly think it’s easier than being pregnant for real.

So, whatever your thoughts on it (and she didn’t intend for it to be such a national news story either), I do think that it is raising awareness that despite it being popular and sort of trendy in media right now, in real life – it is still hard to be pregnant and in high school. And I think that, while I don’t think teens should be having sex, they shouldn’t be judged for making a mistake either. Everyone makes mistakes. We’re not supposed to hold them against people.

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