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Take the Women in Politics Pledge for Women!

I pledge to be involved in politics in a way that suits my individual needs, desires, and goals. It is my goal to know and to be involved in the way my country runs because I am a part of my country. I am not going to let anyone hold me back because I am a woman, rather, I am going to bring my unique skills as a woman to the table. I know there is a place for me and that my opinion is wanted and valuable. I can belong to any party or to no party at all based on the informed choices I make about what is important to me. I make this pledge knowing that there is no one but my own honor and integrity to hold me to it. I do not make this pledge for the honor and the fame, but out of knowing that I have something of worth to contribute as a woman. I take this pledge to be involved in politics to work towards making better communities, better cities, better states, better countries and a better world.


  • Melissa B., WI: Women, Women Everywhere

To sign this pledge, leave a comment below with your name. You may also leave your location and your website/blog if you have one. Those two are strictly optional however.

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