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Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade

on August 24, 2012

I told you all I was still going to write about my politics some of the time, because it is still something I very much enjoy, so here’s another post for you.

I want to talk about Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade. Why? Because I think one of the most powerful testimonies out there against abortion are those who have had an abortion and are now pro-life. Because if you’ve ever met one of them personally, the hurt and pain and sorrow you see there are so great. And because these are people who have thought that abortion would make their lives better, that it would fix their problems. Instead, it didn’t. It left them hurting and their child dead.

But back to the point of Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade. Do you know that she never actually had an abortion? That she is now pro-life and speaking against the decision that was made on her behalf? Doesn’t it make you think that the original person who wanted an abortion so badly that she was willing to try and get the law changed is now pro-life? What does that say? To me, it sends a powerful message that abortion isn’t right.

I have to show you her video, where she talks about how making that case was the biggest mistake of her life. She actually calls it that. It’s pretty amazing, I think, that her heart was so changed. What if we could change everyone’s heart this way?

There is so much more to the story though, other than just that short snippet. But the next video I’m going to post, which is old, but it’s worth it if you take the time to watch it, is more of the story fleshed out. It’s almost half an hour long, so I totally get it if you don’t have time to watch it. But if you’re interested in hearing more of Norma’s story, it’s a fascinating thing to watch. There is a little bit of decision theology, to warn you, but it’s still a fascinating thing to watch.

So now you know, if you watched the second one, the full story of how Roe v. Wade happened. Sad isn’t it? I feel like Norma was taken advantage of – that she wasn’t given all the facts, that they just used her to make their point. I feel a lot of times that what’s the abortion industry stil does today, especially in terms of women not being given all the facts.

That’s all I want to say on Roe v. Wade at this time, though I do have to talk about one other thing. I found this video while I was looking on youtube for these other two and it was just bizarre. I’m not going to link to it, because I don’t want to promote her further. But it was this girl talking about how she had her abortion and it was the best thing and she was just so happy and cheery about it. And what really got to me was when she said it was “the most ethical and humane thing” she could have done. She never said her reasons for having an abortion, but I got the sense from how she answered some of the questions that she had it because it was inconvenient for her to be pregnant (when she’s asked at the end if she would have another one, she says she doesn’t know but that she would probably consider it because it doesn’t line up with her goals). It broke my heart. That’s what choice looks like apparently. Babies are such blessings, even when they’re unexpected, even when they don’t line up with your goals for you life. They don’t deserve abortion. And women deserve real solutions to their problems, not abortion.

Sorry to end Friday on a low note. If you could take a moment if you haven’t already to vote in the poll? I’ll be announcing my new name and changing everything tomorrow, so it’s your last chance to get it in!


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