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I’ve Moved!

Guess what! I am very pleased to announce that I now have my own domain name and website! Check it out at

This is something that I’ve been dreaming about for a long, long time. I know that hosting and domains are cheap people, but the problem wasn’t that, the problem was that I didn’t believe in myself. I thought, who am I to have my own domain? Little old me? Really? Do I even have any readers? Does anybody even listen to what I’m saying? Well, I took the plunge, thanks to a little bit of encouragement from my friend Marla Taviano and a lot of help from her husband Gabe Taviano.

What does this mean for this site? Well, I’ll still keep it up here for the old posts, but really, if you want to see any new stuff, you should head on over to my new site. So update your feeds, change your bookmarks, etc.

And pop over to the new site! And while you’re there, enter the giveaway for Nerve! It doesn’t have very many entries right now so you have a pretty good shot. 🙂



Feedback Needed: Vote on my New Name!

So as I’ve said before, I need a new name for this blog. I feel like the current name, while I really like it, doesn’t really fit the new direction of my blog. So I haven’t gotten any suggestions, but I’ve got some ideas of my own, so if you could vote in the poll which one you like best/which one you find the most fitting, that would be much appreciated. I’ll probably leave it open for a week (ish).

Oh and thank you, for yesterday, that was very scary for me to write that and put it out there, but I felt like it was well received and that you guys supported me. And that was super helpful.

I included an other, so if you have a different idea, check other and leave it in the comments! Also, I gave you the ability to check multiple ones, so check as many as you like! It will be helpful to me in seeing which ones are popular.

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