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Recipe Review . . . Sort of

Okay, so, I tried to review a recipe. And I made it. And I can show you pictures and everything. But I sort of had a fail with it.

I attempted to make this Adult Grilled Cheese from A Turtle’s Life for Me except I don’t like pepperoni, so I was substituting chicken lunch meat instead. And I made it successfully, that was not the fail.

See? My sandwich, all ready for eating.

But as soon as I tasted the avocado, I knew something was wrong with it. You see, I don’t have a strong knowledge of cooking to draw from and avocados are a relatively new food to me. I’ve tried them and discovered I really, really like them. But something was wrong with this avocado. It was either too ripe or not ripe enough – I don’t even know what, but it was off. Soooo that really effected what I thought of the sandwich. Because my avocado was just all wrong. I ended up just peeling off that side of the sandwich and eating the chicken and mozzarella side like an open faced sandwich. Which was really good! So that part gets 5 stars – I might make it again.

So help me out here! Tell me how to fix my avocado! How do I tell if it’s ripe? I want avocado to be one to little guy’s first foods, but I don’t want to give him one that’s not ripe!

Oh and if you could also take my poll if you haven’t taken it already, that would be helpful! I’ll close it down on Saturday and announce my new name then!



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