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Super Bean Burrito Review!

on October 7, 2012

All right, time for another recipe review. Bonus, this one’s vegetarian!

Today I reviewed the super bean burritos from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.

Changes I made: I took out the jalapeños (I haven’t been able to eat things that are too spicy since before I was pregnant and I am also super, super paranoid that I’ll handle a hot pepper like that and accidentally touch my eyes – I know, I’m weird), I used already minced dried garlic (someday I hope to get a garlic press but for now, I’ll have to stick with the stuff in the jar), I only used half the green onions called for because Nick has told me before that he’s not a fan (though I love them, so I left some in), and I used cheddar cheese instead of Monterey Jack (I actually love Monterey Jack cheese but I had some cheddar cheese already opened so I wanted to use that up first).

The verdict? I really liked them. They were quite tasty. I had to talk Nick into them though because he’s like “I don’t really like beans” but even he said they were “not bad.” I would mash the pinto beans a little bit more next time (I only half heartedly mashed them this time) and I’d like to try fresh garlic, but other than that, I loved them.

There was only one problem with them, in fact. Maybe you can tell from this picture.

I was so hungry I started eating it before I remembered I wanted a picture – oops!

Apparently, I can not roll burritos. I tried rolling it just like it said in the instructions and I just could not get it. All the filling kept oozing out so eventually I gave up and just ate it like it was a taco. Still tasted good! And I was going to try freezing them, but because I couldn’t get them rolled up like burritos should be, I gave up on that and just put the leftovers, unrolled, in the fridge. That will make some good lunches for me this week.

So, leave me a comment below and tell me your best burrito rolling tips and tricks! I want to try again! Because I will make this again!

PS, I am trying to convince my sister that she should blog but she’s nervous because she’s never blogged before so I told her she could guest blog for me to try it out and see if she likes it (I think she would). But she’s not sure about that! Leave her an encouraging comment below and let’s see if we can get her to guest post!

6 responses to “Super Bean Burrito Review!

  1. Mel says:

    Glad you loved the burritos! Sadly, I don’t have any magical tricks for rolling, other than slightly warming the tortillas before wrapping them. And yes, your sister should guest post for sure!

    • Melissa says:

      I even did that. I did contemplate briefly going to the Qudoba we live by and paying them to show me but I was like “They don’t need to look pretty.” And yes I think so too!

  2. Jen says:


    I’ve been craving bean burrtios but my husband hates beans and the frozen one’s in the store just look gross to me (despite loving them as a kid). I gave Mel’s recipe a try and they taste great. Here is what I discovered when rolling though- 2/3 cup was WAY too much for my tortilla. I measured 2/3 cup burrito mixture and just a sprinkle of cheese and only got 10 burrito’s. Seeing how they are just for me, I was happy to have less burrito with more filling. I am a little nervous as to how they are going to microwave up since I’ll be freezing the rest- I have a feeling it’ll be messy. I’ll definitely make again but use more like 1/2 cup of mixture. I just try to follow recipe’s to the T the first time I make them. That’s my only tip!

    • Melissa says:

      I do what I can to follow recipes to the T the first time I make them too! I think perhaps if I use less filling maybe they would roll better? Who knows. Thanks for the tip and the comment! I hope they microwave well!

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