Life, Love, and Dirty Diapers


on September 26, 2012

This is my get out the vote spiel for you all. Basically it is really important to me that everyone votes because it is one of the best ways to have your say in the government. I believe strongly in voting. People worked really hard for me to have this right – I’m not just going to throw it away.

I know especially in Wisconsin, that people are getting a little tired of politics. I get it. I’ve voted more this year than I probably will in any other year of my life. But it doesn’t make voting any less important.

People give lots of reasons why they don’t vote and to be honest most of them are lame. I actually am going to put this video by Hank Green here because I think he does a really good job refuting the reasons that people say they’re not voting.

To me, voting is what separates America from being a place where we have no say and no voice and everything like that. How many votes do you get in a dictatorship? Zero. It’s a very important part of the democratic process and I believe that America should be a democracy and I want to be part of making that democracy better, so that’s why I vote. I do think, like Hank mentions, that voting is a responsibility. In some countries, voting is mandatory. I kind of think it should be like that here because if you don’t vote, you are throwing so much away. You may not have money to help make your community a better place, but you can vote for politicians who can secure funding to make your community a better place. And yes, I know, perhaps you don’t think the candidates are that great. To be honest, I don’t think they are either. Given my choice, I would not have America be a two party system, I would have us have many parties so that we have more choices. And yes, I know we can have third parties now, but in effect if you know what it takes to get a third party candidate on the ballot in all 50 states, you would realize that we are an effective two party state. I don’t love all of the candidates opinions on everything, but I’ve decided what the important issues are and I’m going to go with the candidate that agrees with me most on them.

So anyways, if you need to register to vote, I’m going to insert a little widget below that will help you get registered to vote. I just did it since I need to update my voter registration since moving. It was really easy, it automatically filled in the form for me, I printed it off and I will be mailing it when I finish this post (and when I find a stamp because I’m not sure where I put them).

Patriotic cat is patriotic.

That is all.

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