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Foster Care, Adoption, and Older Kids

on September 18, 2012

I don’t know if you know this but I have long wanted to be a foster parent and/or adopt kids. It’s something I feel strongly about – that every kid deserves a loving home. And for some kids, it’s easier to find them homes than others. Many people are looking to adopt babies – older kids not so much. I was reading a newsletter from Adoption Resources of Wisconsin and I mean I had always been vaguely aware that it was harder for older kids to be adopted but I never realized just quite how hard it really is. Almost half (43%) of the kids waiting to find a permanent home are over age nine but almost three-quarters (72%) of adoptions are with kids under nine. And I look at these kids all the time. Adoption Resources of Wisconsin has a database and I look at it all the time. My heart wants to be a mom to these kids. But unfortunately a lot of them are just not a fit for our family. A lot of the kids would benefit from families where they are the youngest or only child and that’s not a reality for us right now. It is, however, my hope that Nick and I will be able to start the process of fostering kids when Dominic is a little older. He still needs me too much to add on another kid right now. But my heart longs to love these children and I hope someday we will be able to.

2 responses to “Foster Care, Adoption, and Older Kids

  1. Ruth Jaeger says:

    Fostering kids is a wonderful thing to do! We know a family who adopted 5 kids from the same family after fostering them. They told me that the fostering part was pretty tough, because of DCFS investigating them monthly, but I suppose DCFS was trying to ensure that their foster family wasn’t going to be just as bad as staying in their bio family. They passed that part with flying colors thankfully and they are a great family to those precious kids.

    • Melissa says:

      Yeah, if you agree to foster, you do agree then to give DCFS more insight into your home, but I think it’s worth it. Those kids need someone to love them, even if it’s only temporary. Though hopefully someday we will have permanent additions.

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