Life, Love, and Dirty Diapers

4 Months Old!

on September 15, 2012

Wow how time flies. I absolutely can not believe that my little guy is 4 months old already! I feel like time has just gone so fast.

He had his four month well baby visit on Wednesday. He is 17 pounds and half an ounce. He is 27 and a quarter inches long. This makes him a pretty big baby. He is off the chart for his height and in the 75th percentile for his weight. His head circumference is 42 and a half centimenters which is also the 75th percentile. All this to say, no wonder he looks so big – he is big!

We think he might be getting teeth. Sometimes he acts a lot like he is but yet we see no teeth. It’s frustrating that the only way to really tell whether all that fussiness was due to teeth is to see teeth but we have yet to see them.

He constantly amazes me with his little smiles and giggles. Even when I don’t necessarily want to be changing yet another diaper, a little smile from him can turn my frown upside down!

He knows how to roll from front to back and from back to front. He can’t sit himself up yet but if you sit him up he can hold his balance quite well. He loves to stand up if you hold him up. The doctor thinks based on the gross motor skills that he is already exhibiting that he will learn to crawl early. I saw him stick his butt up in the air a couple of times today but it didn’t amount to anything.

We went on our first shopping trip to Walmart earlier this week and Dom really enjoyed it. There were so many things for him to look at!

We hope to be able to take him to the zoo before the weather gets cold. I think he would really enjoy it. We almost went on Thursday but then it rained. I am also looking forward to starting him on solid foods with baby led weaning at 6 months.

So that’s your Dominic update 🙂

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