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Recipe Review: Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures

on August 7, 2012

So, part of what I want to do with my re-styled blog is recipe reviews. Why? Because you see so many good looking things on the internet but sometimes they’re duds and sometimes they’re really hard, so this is my way of telling you what I’ve tried and what I like.

Currently, there is breakfast cooking in my oven. The first thing cooked in my new oven since we moved! Little guy cooperated and fell asleep so that I could cook it šŸ˜‰ So the first recipe I’ll be doing in this series is Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. I’m very excited about it because I love peanut butter and because I’ve recently come to love baked oatmeals. It’s a new thing to me that I was introduced to at women’s Bible study and really loved it. So I’m trying this kind, even though I’ve never had a peanut butter one before.

And let me tell you – I am no cook! If this doesn’t turn out it will be due to one of two things. Thing number one it could be due to – I sort of guess on the measurements of things. You see, I have measuring cups and measuring spoons but all the markings that tell you what size they are are worn away. So I sort of line them up and tell which is bigger and smaller that way. But the thing is, I haven’t unpacked all my kitchen stuff yet and only have about half of them unpacked. So I was just sort of eyeballing it and guessing on some of them. (“I think this is my half teaspoon. I think.”) I desperately need a new set!

Second of all, I kind of maybe put too much vanilla in it. I tipped it a little too far and a bunchĀ splashedĀ in. Whoops. Luckily I did it sort of at the beginning so there wasn’t too much in there already but I’m not sure how that will make it turn out.

So it’s currently cooking.

And now it’s done!

Ta da!

Here’s the whole thing

Here’s my serving.

Almost forgot to take pictures for you all.

My thoughts? I really like it. It’s different from the fruit based ones I’ve had before and it definitely needs a glass of milk with it (which my mom would love – she loves me eating things that make me want milk). I don’t know what kind of peanut butter Lynn used, but I used crunchy and I loved the extra texture it added to it. It’s super filling. And it was super easy. The only downside? I canĀ definitely tell that I did add too much vanilla. Whoops.

Anyways – go try it out now! Full recipe here.

Oh and I still need a new blog name. Any ideas anyone?

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