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Twitter and Women’s Issues

on May 22, 2012

Well, you may or may not be familiar with twitter, but I thought I would take this post to write a little bit about what you can find on twitter if you want to find things about women or other things.

If you’re familiar with twitter, this will probably seem a little basic, but if you’re just getting started with twitter, then this might be helpful to you.

Basically, twitter has something called hashtags. It’s a word (or a phrase without spaces) where a # comes before it. When someone tweets this, it shows up in blue and you can click on it. This will then bring up other tweets where the writer used the same hashtag.

Anyone can make a hashtag, but it helps to use already existing ones if you are looking to connect it with other similar topics. The reason I bring this up is because there are tons of hashtags that could be helpful in finding out things about the news, politics, women’s issues, etc.

For example, you can start broad, with hashtags like:

  • #feminism
  • #women
  • #motherhood
  • #mothers
  • #girls

Or you can get more specific with hashtags like:

  • #prolife
  • #equalpay
  • #VAWA
  • #miscarriages
  • #domesticviolence
Or you can get very broad and general with hashtags like:
  • #Afghanistan
  • #France
  • #GOP
  • #Sudanese
  • #Saudi
  • #Mali
  • #news
  • #conservative
If you are looking for these when you go to your twitter homepage, you can type the # and the word, etc, into the search bar and it will pull up tweets that way as well. There’s a hashtag for almost everything.
I hope you discover some interesting things – I know I have!

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