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The Women in Time’s Most Influential List 2011: Amy Chua

on December 20, 2011

Amy Chua. Maybe you don’t recognize the name, but if I say Tiger Mom, would you recognize that?

Let’s learn a little more about her:

  • She is a law professor at Yale.
  • She wrote a memoir called Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother which was about raising American kids the Chinese way.
  • Her book started a huge debate over how to parent your kids.
  • Her daughter has responded to the criticism of her mother by standing up for her mother.

If nothing else, she is influential because she started this huge conversation about how we should parent and what effect that has on our kids. I think having that conversation is important, regardless of what you think of her style. It started a conversation that needed to be had – what kind of parenting is best for our kids? It’s something that should be talked about. I can’t say anything yet about what I think of the memoir because I haven’t read it yet (but I plan to at some point) and I shouldn’t judge a whole book based on the comments of people online. But was she influential in this past year? Definitely.

Oh and because she’s influential for writing a book, here is a link to excerpts of it and at the end, the book itself:


*I am an Amazon Affiliate, so if you decide to buy the book after clicking on the link, part of the proceeds will come back to me. Thanks for supporting me!


3 responses to “The Women in Time’s Most Influential List 2011: Amy Chua

  1. Kate says:

    I read the first link on her philosophy. That is INSANE. Her poor kids must of never had any fun!!

    • Melissa says:

      That’s what I thought at first too, but in a lot of the interviews I was reading it seems like her husband balanced her out more insisting they go to a Yankees game or to play mini golf, but not a lot of that made it into the book because her husband is a little shy about putting himself in the book. But it was definitely interesting to read this letter by her daughter who came out in defense of her mom: Also, I can’t judge for myself yet because I haven’t read the book yet, but in a lot of interviews, she does say that by the end of the book she learns to loosen up a lot. So I can’t really give a final word on it until I read it and even then, it’s not going to be the 100 percent the complete story.

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