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Employment Differences

on August 29, 2011

Hello all! Sorry I had no new post for you yesterday. I had planned to, but then I got caught up in celebrating my birthday and getting ready for school to start (which it does this morning). I had even planned to video blog, but I’ll try that next week.

So today I want to show you a graph I found and talk about some possible explanations.

It’s pretty interesting that men have higher unemployment rates than women. One possible explanation I think is that perhaps less women are looking for work – i.e. there are more stay at home moms, who I would hope don’t count into the unemployment rate because they have a perfectly valid job, even if they’re not paid. Another explanation could be that women are more likely to work in fields that are considered more “isolated” like healthcare and teachers. It is harder to get rid of positions like those, because there will always be children to teach and there will always be sick or injured people. Whereas, it can be very easy to shut down a car factory, for example, when people stop buying cars and they’re not as profitable.

However, in this you have to remember that women still don’t quite get paid truly equal wages, so while they may be more sheltered, they still might not have the means as their male counterparts who are still employed.

So I hope this gives you all something to think about – just some food for thought.

I will try to be consistent and faithful doing the school year, but you’ll have to forgive me in advance if I get busy and drop off for a few days.

Source: Variation in U.S. Unemployment >> Sociological Images


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