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I Am a Feminist: Guest Post

on July 7, 2011

Hey everyone,
Sorry it’s been a while since you heard from me – summer has been keeping me busy! But I’m getting it under control and I’ll be back soon I promise. Meanwhile, while you’re waiting for me, check out this guest post on why I consider myself a feminist and a Christian.


2 responses to “I Am a Feminist: Guest Post

  1. B says:

    Hey, it was great to hear about your time in south Korea. Also read your guest post, I do feel that you are right being a feminist does have somewhat of a bad reputation these days. I am one of those people who still am not sure that I completely classify myself as a feminist. Not because of what people think of but becuase some of my interactions within these groups. I think there is space for everyone but I was a bit surprised by how disive and dimissive some people are simply becuase as a black, first generation american sometimes my point of view will clash a bit with some mainstream views within the feminist movement. Which you may understand being a feminist christian women I’m sure you have heard and experienced things around that.

    • Melissa says:

      Thank you so much for the compliments! I definitely understand (or at least I think I do) because I do place a lot of value personally in being a wife and (hopefully someday a mother) which are views that some people find inconsistent with feminism. So it’s sometimes like, “How can you be a feminist and want it?” But I think it’s all about choices and those choices are just as valid as other ones.

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