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America the Beautiful Review

on June 1, 2011

So, I’ve decided another thing I want to do with this blog is let you know about documentaries that talk about women’s issues. I will only review documentaries I’ve watched so I can give you my first hand account on whether or not the documentary is worth watching and spending some time on.

Today’s documentary is America the Beautiful. Here’s the trailer.

I think 100 percent this movie is worth watching. Everyone needs to see this video. Every woman needs to see this especially. You will learn astounding things and after this, you will never think about beauty in the same way, or at least I don’t think of beauty in the same way since watching this.

It is a worthwhile documentary to say the least. It is rated R because it does get a bit graphic or rather frank really, but it is worth the watch. The beauty industry deserves to be exposed for what it is and how they treat women.

You can find out more here:

3 responses to “America the Beautiful Review

  1. Niesha S says:

    Have you seen the documentary Very Young Girls? It’s a really powerful documentary about young girls in the sex trade here in the U.S. I think you should check it out.

    • Melissa says:

      Not yet, but it’s in my Netflix instant queue (along with about a thousand other things I want to see) so I will be watching it sometime soonish and hopefully posting a review on it too.

  2. good stuff says:

    Thank you for a great post.

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